Saturday, January 9, 2010

Irish Entrepreneurship in the UK

I have written previously about the need for immigration reform to facilitate entrepreneurial activity by immigrants. This Irish Times report provides more empirical evidence for that argument:
The analysis of the UK’s Companies House records shows the Irish are now the most numerous of any foreigners in Britain’s boardrooms.

In all, there are 22,511 registrations for Irish people listed as members of boards of directors on companies in England, Scotland and Wales – ahead of the number from India, Australia and the United States.
The number rises to 44,352 when the 21,841 who actively declare themselves as Irish in Northern Ireland is included, according to research commissioned by Eulogy PR, the largest Irish-owned public relations company in the UK.
To be sure, many of these companies are merely set up for tax purposes to take advantage of the lower corporate tax rate. Electricians, plumbers, computer programmers etc have 'companies'.
Buried in the report is one important number:
Ireland leads in every category except directors under the age of 30, where India comes top, said Eulogy PR chief executive Adrian Brady.

This is the key demographic in terms of future prosperity, and is more likely to create the googles and ebays of the world in the coming decades.
I wonder what a similar analysis of directorships in Ireland would reveal.