Wednesday, June 15, 2011

UK asks Sri Lanka to investigate War Crimes

The BBC reports that the UK is asking Sri Lanka to conduct an investigation into war crimes allegedly committed by its troops following a new documentary showing such crimes:
Britain's Channel 4 showed what it said was previously unseen footage of what purported to be extrajudicial killings of Tamils by the military.

Sri Lanka's defence ministry dismissed the videos as fabricated, saying they were intended to discredit the army.
The one-hour film, entitled Sri Lanka's Killing Fields, shows what appears to be executions of Tamil men, and video showing the corpses of naked women who appeared to have been sexually assaulted.

One video - which was said to have been taken by the military - shows graphic images of at least three bound prisoners, including one woman, being shot at close range.
In it, a soldier gives instructions to the others about how to kill the men.
"Is there no one with the balls to kill a terrorist?" he is heard saying, before telling his colleagues to aim at the prisoners' heads.

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